Parasailing is a Water Adventure

Have a fun ride out on the sparkling water by parasailing Seattle. That is a “kiting” sport where one or more people are usually towed behind a boat while being attached to a “parasail canopy wing,” which is similar to a parachute. You take off and land smoothly right from the flight deck of the boat. The boat drives off and carries the people into the air. Using a powerful boat driven by commercial professionals, two or three people can parasail at the very same time using an adjustable side-by- side bar arrangement. You can ascend and glide because the parasail is efficient and stable when towed aloft. When you want to gently freefall, the captain slows the boat down.

The excursion is part boat ride and part parasailing, and there are restrictions against parasailing in wind and inclement weather. Therefore, be sure to book your flight at the beginning of your vacation in order not to lose out if a flight has to be canceled.

Washington State’s original parasailing company was Chelan Parasail & Watersports, which has been in operation for close to 25 years and boasts of its perfect safety record. The first step to bring the unregulated industry into a more uniform and safe one was in April 2013 when the first parasail weather standard was approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), an international standards organization. Three more standards are expected to be approved later this year.

The Chelan highly-trained team prepares you before your flight. You take off and land on the boat and are reeled out on an 800-foot line. It is your decision if you want to dip your toes in the water on the way to and from the boat. Then it is time to relax as you float along and enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Chelan.

The crew will capture your individual flight with a photo package holding more than 75 photos of your adventure, which you are welcome to purchase to show family and friends. They will also note that the parachute part is usually brightly colored to match the beach area. Some enthusiasts feature their favorite sports teams or alma maters, and many have designs ranging from multiple color patterns to flags, smiley faces, and other choices.