Going to Delhi to Experience some winter? Here is how you can book cheap flight tickets via Chennai

Normally, you have three seasons in India, summer, winter, and the rainy season. Chennai is unique in the sense that you have three seasons here also, hot, hotter, and hottest. The months November to January constitute winter in Chennai but the temperature rarely dips below the 20-degree mark. Hence, you have people going to other places in India to experience the real winter. Delhi is one such place frequented by people from the southern states. Hence, you always have a demand to book cheap Chennai to Delhi flight tickets during this winter season.

Climate in Delhi

One has to admit that the weather in Delhi can get uncomfortably cold during the winter season. The months of October and November are still very pleasant in Delhi. It is only in December that the climate gets a bit out of hand. This does not last long though. By the middle of January, you start to experience pleasant weather once again. Therefore, if you strictly want to book cheap Chennai to Delhi flight tickets, it has to be these two months in winter.

Flights to Delhi via Chennai:

Chennai is the premier metropolitan city in the southern part of the country. People from other parts of the state of Tamil Nadu as well as Kerala usually have to touch Chennai on their way to Delhi. Therefore, the traffic from Chennai to Delhi is heavy with around 975 flights a week. This amounts to approximately 140 flights per day. Of course, we are including all the airline companies, both domestic and international.

It takes around two and half to three hours for a flight to travel from Chennai to Delhi.

Many domestic low-cost airlines have their flights from Chennai. Some of them are Spice Jet, Indigo, and Jet Airways. Some of the flights go non-stop whereas some have halts at places like Mumbai. There are also other flights that do not originate from Chennai. This city is a stopover for such flights that originate elsewhere from places like Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Coimbatore etc. You can book Chennai to Delhi flight tickets in such flights.

Average Cost of flight tickets:

The distance from Chennai to Delhi is around 1760 km. The average cost of the flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi is in the range of Rs 5,000. You have flights operating for cheaper fares as well. The timing of the booking is very important. If you have to visit Delhi in winter you have to go somewhere in October. This is a heavy month as far as air traffic from Chennai to Delhi is concerned. Hence, booking early can get your cheap tickets. If you postpone your journey to the last day, the rates can go up to Rs 14,000 or Rs 15,000.

The months of December and January are comparatively cheaper because Delhi is very cold during this period. People from the southern states in India are not accustomed to this cold. Hence, you have less traffic. This presents you with a golden opportunity of landing a cheap ticket during these months.

Book cheap flight tickets

In this age of the internet, it should not take much time for you to book flight tickets. There are many flight search engines that can help you in this matter. You will be able to compare the rates of a number of flights across the board and make your choice. This is the biggest advantage when you book your flights through these search engines. You get discount coupons that you can use at the time of making the payment.

If you have special credit cards you can claim additional discounts offered by the card issuing banks. Some banks issue air travel miles that can be used subsequently. Some flight search engines give you eCash. You will be able to use this amount on a subsequent booking.

Baggage rules:

Make it a point to check out the baggage rules in the flights you book cheap Chennai to Delhi flight tickets. Most of the airlines offer 15 kg baggage allowance. Air India offers you the highest of 25 kg. You will need a lot of baggage when you travel for Chennai to Delhi to spend some time in the winter. You will need special winter clothing. Such clothing is quite unheard of in Chennai and other cities of South India that experience a similar climate to that of Chennai.

In case you overlook this aspect while booking tickets, you might just end up paying a lot more than your ticket fare from Chennai to Mumbai.

Happy flying:

We have seen various aspects that require your attention when you sit down to book cheap Chennai to Delhi flight tickets. Now, that you have the information, it should not take much time to plan a trip to Delhi to experience the winter you never get to see in Chennai.