Famous South America Tours

Have you ever travel South America? If you have not, it is time to book for South America tours as it well known for its great natural destination and unique local culture. If you like outdoor activities there are many attractive beaches, mountains, and canyons that you can visit to do some sports, canyoning, rafting, and any other sports. If you need reference of what countries in South America provide attractive tourist destinations, this is a review for you.


Famous South America Tours #1 Argentina

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and it is considered as one of the famous South America tours. There are abundant natural tourist destination that we can choose including beaches, waterfall, and wildlife. The most famous waterfall is Iguanzu falls. It has stunning panorama that we can enjoy it while spending a great time with family. For those fond of dancing, try to learn tango dancing from local picture and its dancing costum also. This is such a great experience to learn a new culture. Moreover, since Argentina is geographically located near Antartika we can enjoy the amazing life in a polar circle to observe pinguin life or wildlife near pole.


Famous South America Tours #2 Peru

Besides Argentine, Peru is the next South America tours that we have to know, especially for those who respect archaeological treasure of ancient culture. Peru is a homeland for the most famous ancient time culture, especially Maya and Inca. To observe the ruin of Inca culture we can go through Urubamba River to the sacred valley where we can notice the agricultural and life of Incas. Besides, if we want to observe the wildlife in a Pacific coast we can go to Galapagos Island. This is a perfect place to observe sea lions, flamingos, seals, and pelicans.


Famous South America Tours #3 Brazil

South America tours is not complete without visiting Brazil. There are three main tourist destinations that we can try including natural destination such as waterfall and coast, carnival, and cultural dance samba and tango. The most famous waterfall in Brazil is Iguanzu Falls. It is very beautiful since it is surrounded by very good rainforest. You can take picture or painting the beautiful view there. Next, the Rio carnival is the most wanting moment the tourist want to enjoy. In this carnival we can see the amazing attraction and beautiful costume, like in Rio Carnival there is also night parties at street. Do not miss the chance to enjoy this attraction only in South America tours.